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Effluvium From Sonya's Brain, LiveJournal Edition

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New DocArzt Post re: Lost ep. 5.11 "Whatever Happened, Happened" is Live!
Clouds, Logo, Head, Shades
My other favorite TV resurrectionYou have to love a show that can actually one-up Buffy the Vampire Slayer for an "I'm back from the dead, miss me?" moment, which is exactly what Lost did with "Whatever Happened, Happened."

I mean, OK, yes, that satisfying moment comes from the end of the episode, but there's still a lot of great stuff there, like a great debate about time travel that actually worked in a Back to the Future "fading hand" reference.

Really, the only disappointing thing about "Whatever Happened, Happened" is that it was a Kate episode instead of, say, a Faraday episode, which is what one would expect from one named after a phrase so closely associated with the character. But, ah well, it was lovely all the same.

"Welcome back to the land of the living." *snerk!*

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